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  • What is Cisco Umbrella DNS?
    Umbrella is a cloud-driven DNS security solution that provides protection from internet-based threats, for users wherever they go. The Umbrella and Talos global networks process billions of requests per day, analysing and learning internet activity to determine where attacks are being staged, so they can block requests to unwanted and malicious destinations before a connection is even established. As a cloud-delivered service, Umbrella provides the visibility needed to protect internet access across all network devices, office locations, and roaming users.
  • What is Talos?
    Cisco Talos is the largest threat intelligence group in the world. Your Umbrella solution will plug directly into Cisco Talos. The reason Umbrella is so powerful is because Talos has an unmatched visibility of the internet. More on Talos here.
  • What can Umbrella protect me from?
    Umbrella protects users against threats on the internet; malware, ransomware, phishing, botnets, C2 callbacks, browser hijacking, DNS spoofing, adware, malvertising, mobile trojans and more.
  • How does Cisco Umbrella work?
    Cisco Umbrella uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to forward requests from your networks and devices to the Umbrella DNS resolvers. When the request hits Umbrella there is a layer of security (leveraging Cisco Talos global data, statistical models, algorithms and AI) applied and a layer of policy (e.g prevent users from accessing gambling sites). Based on the results Umbrella will either block or allow the connection. Umbrella prevents threats over any port or protocol, not just HTTP & HTTPS traffic. Even threats over direct IP connections can be stopped.
  • Who is Umbrella for?
    Businesses of all sizes, across all vertices. Umbrella is utilised by some of the biggest companies in the world and currently protects over 120 million users.
  • How many users do I have?
    Umbrella is licensed by the total number of employees within an organisation. If you employ 80 people, you will need 80 user licences. You can't have 60 user licences, with 80 employees.
  • What devices does Umbrella work with?
    Mac OS, Windows, Apple iOS (in supervised mode), Android, Chrome OS and any devices running on the Network.
  • Can I add more users at a later date?
    Yes. Simply email with the new total user count to add (or remove) users' licenses.
  • When will my subscription activate?
    Subscriptions are usually activeted within 6 hours.

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